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Ryad Mezzour Highlights Role of Sustainability in Industrial Zones’ Policy

Sustainability is present in the main axes around which the policy on industrial zones (IZ), said the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, who spoke by video conference at the opening Wednesday in Casablanca, the 2nd International Forum of Industrial Zones (FIZI), organized by Industrie du Maroc Magazine under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

This is the encouragement of industrial investment through the improvement of the attractiveness and accessibility of the IZs and through the establishment of a diversified offer in developed industrial land adapted to the needs of investors to ensure the conditions of economic sustainability of the IZs, said the Minister at this meeting under the theme of “Sustainable IZs, what offers for a competitive industry?

This policy is also reflected in the reduction of territorial disparities through the reasonable and equitable distribution of projects ZI sustainable throughout the national territory according to the strengths and specificities of each region.

According to the Minister, it also reflects the ongoing work to improve the quality of IZs and their development through the implementation of a number of measures, including improving accessibility, the establishment of energy transfer stations by pumping (STEP) or the strengthening of electrical power.

In addition, the Minister stressed the importance of the impact of IAZ network on the growth of industrial exports and the encouragement of investment, both domestic and foreign, and this in a global context marked by strong competition and a national policy advocating industrial sovereignty and contribution to the balance of trade.

Referring to the ambition of decarbonization of the IZs, in accordance with the High Directions of HM King Mohammed VI, which places the decarbonization of Moroccan industry at the heart of all our sectoral strategies, Mezzour reported on projects to supply the IZs with a renewable source of electricity, which will be developed and implemented.

This will not only comply with new environmental requirements in the main countries of destination of our exports, including the carbon tax in the European Union, but also to gain competitiveness by reducing the energy bill of Moroccan manufacturers.

The competitiveness of the Moroccan platform is a national priority and IZs play an essential role in the economic and social development of our country by participating in a greater attractiveness of national and regional investments but also in the growth of Moroccan exports.

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