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Ryad Mezzour: “Ratier Figeac Maroc” site contributes to the radiance of the “Made in Morocco” brand

Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade, said that the “Ratier-Figeac” Morocco website contributed to the intensification of the local supply chain and to the radiance of the “Made in Morocco” brand in the aviation industry.

“With the expansion of the Ratier Figeac Maroc site, our strategic partnership with Collins Aerospace has been further strengthened, as Ratier Figeac Maroc has contributed over the last decade of its high-value-added activity,” Mazur said during a ceremony organized by Collins Aerospace on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its settlement in Morocco. In the intensification of the local supply chain and in the radiance of the “SNA in Morocco” brand, emphasizing unequivocally the ability to attract Morocco as a reliable and credible partner of the world’s leaders, under the visionary leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

He continued, “We will spare no effort to make the group’s supply system one of the most competitive groups and to enable the Moroccan platform to keep pace with global trends directed towards sustainable production.” For his part, Karim Cheikh, head of the Moroccan Aerospace Industries Association, reviewed the promising prospects for the aviation industry in Morocco, pointing to a 40 percent merger rate and a sectoral growth level that is expected to exceed the pre-crisis level by the end of the year.

He stressed that this rate of integration has been achieved despite the complications of the health crisis, mainly due to efforts to improve the map of existing professions and correct defects at the level of value chains.

For his part, Jean-Francois Chanaud, Vice President and General Manager of “Propeller Systems” activities for Collins Aerospace, said that “this celebration reflects the success of our development strategy in Morocco and the industrial approach of ‘best cost, best quality, best delivery’, which we have been keen to activate between the company Collins Aerospace and major local contractors and suppliers, with the support of the Moroccan government.”

Chano said, “Thanks to the support of the entire industrial system, especially the support of the Aviation Professions Institute, we were able to improve the competencies of our team to win new contracts and develop our activity, as we recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade that aims to develop a network of catering and local suppliers to continue developing The aviation industry in Morocco.

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