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Strategic Stock of Commodities: Gov’t Works to Establish Integrated National Ecosystem (Minister)

The government is working to establish a vision of an integrated national ecosystem relating to the strategic stock of commodities, the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forestry, Mohammed Sadiki, said on Monday in Rabat.

In response to a question in the House of Representatives on “achieving food security” posed by the Istiqlal group of unity and egalitarianism, Sadiki said that the Kingdom’s food security is the focus of the 2020-2030 “Green Generation” strategy, via the strengthening of the development of sustainable agriculture and eco-intelligent.

The achievement of this goal, he added, requires the selection of appropriate and efficient agricultural systems, the adoption of adaptive technology, sustainable management of irrigation water and the development of water and food industries, in addition to efforts to improve the attractiveness of the agricultural sector and ensure a normal supply of the national market.

He also noted that the Kingdom has managed to implement an integrated policy to ensure an abundance of food, promote agricultural and rural development, and protect natural resources through the implementation of the Green Morocco Plan and “Green Generation” to ensure food security, including through the strengthening of the pillars of food sovereignty.

In this sense, Sadiki highlighted the achievements in covering national needs in the sectors of vegetables and fruits (100%), milk, red and white meats (from 98% to 100%), sugar (44%) and cereals (53%).

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