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Tarascon Court Ruling Exposes Hypocrisy of Polisario and its Supporters – U.S. Expert

The ruling issued by the Tarascon Court condemning the Confédération Paysanne, a French trade union organization used in judicial harassment against the Morocco-EU agricultural agreement, exposes the hypocrisy of the polisario and its supporters, said U.S. expert Calvin Dark.

“The recent judgment by the Court of Tarascon reaffirms just how important the Morocco-EU agricultural agreement is for robust trade that benefits millions of people across two continents”, Dark told MAP.

“These latest legal challenges by la Confédération Paysanne not only seek to block increased trade and economic prosperity, but are the height of hypocrisy”, stressed Dark, Principal and Co-founder of the RC Communications research center, based in Washington.

“La Confédération Paysanne pulls from the polisario’s playbook by claiming to advocate for those who live in Morocco’s southern provinces when, in reality, they’re standing in the way of the economic empowerment those populations have a right to,” the U.S. expert in international relations pointed out.

“The judgment by the Court of Tarascon against la Confédération Paysanne exposes that so-called advocacy for the hypocrisy it really is,” he added.

On Tuesday, the Tarascon Court issued a ruling condemning La Confédération Paysanne, which sought to prohibit IDYL, a French company specializing in the marketing of fruit and vegetables from Morocco, including the southern provinces, from distributing its products.

Instrumentalized by the “polisario” and its relays in France, this French trade union organization was used for the judicial harassment of the Morocco-EU Agricultural Agreement.


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