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Tariq Sijilmassi: Recent Rainfall Will Have ‘Positive Effect’ on Agricultural Sector

The chairman of the board of the Crédit Agricole du Maroc Group, Tariq Sijilmassi, said that The recent rainfall will have “a positive effect” on the agricultural sector, especially on spring crops and livestock.

He added in an interview with MAP :” At the level of the regions concerned, such as Gharb and Saïss, spring crops, normally launched at the beginning of March, will be caught up and installed following the recent rains”.

On the other hand, these rains have allowed to replenish the pastures, which is beneficial for small farmers, who will no longer be forced to give up their livestock, said Sijilmassi.

He noted that the rains of March have brought a breath of oxygen to the rural world that will certainly know a positive dynamic and a new breath, after a difficult period marked by the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the delay of the rains and the economic crisis.

It should be noted that the Group has launched a program based on three aspects to mitigate the effects of delayed rains. Firstly, an additional envelope of 6 billion dirhams dedicated to 4 products (spring crops, arboriculture, livestock and dairy cattle), and to finance the filling of the national market needs in cereals and legumes in livestock feed.

Secondly, the treatment of the debt of farmers for their upcoming deadlines, and financial support for innovative investments in irrigation water, said Sijilmassi.

In order to support farmers during this difficult campaign, Crédit Agricole du Maroc has put in place a number of measures to propose optimal and realistic solutions, including the establishment of a moratorium for small farmers operating in all agricultural production sectors, the postponement by one year of the due dates of credits that have fallen due and the suspension of legal actions previously brought.

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