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Terrorism: New Morocco-EU Initiative Advocates ‘Singular’ Approach (Italian Media)

The initiative on ”education for the prevention and fight against violent extremism leading to terrorism”, recently launched by Morocco and the European Union (EU), advocates a “singular” approach that arouses a “particular” interest at the international level, said the Italian media “InsideOver”.

Beyond defense, the anti-terrorism agreement between Morocco and the European Union provides for educational programs to prevent the spread of extremist ideas among young people, said the Italian newspaper, emphasizing the uniqueness of this initiative “which differs from other programs concluded over the years between the EU and Arab countries”.

Launched on the sidelines of the 21st meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) held in Cairo, the agreement also provides for collaboration with the think tank Hedayah, based in the United Arab Emirates and considered one of the “most advanced” institutes in monitoring the spread of extremist ideas and in promoting the fight against terrorism, the news portal said.

“Preventing terrorism even before fighting it” is the objective of all stakeholders in this program, “on which the region has great hopes”, it noted.

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