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The budget deficit in Morocco is estimated at 16.6 billion dirhams until the end of July

The Kingdom’s public treasury reported that the state of treasury expenses and resources showed a budget deficit of 16.6 billion dirhams until the end of July 2022, compared to a deficit of 39.5 billion dirhams during the same period last year.

The Treasury highlighted in its monthly publication of public financial statistics for the month of July 2022, that this deficit takes into account a positive balance of 30.5 billion dirhams resulting from the special accounts of the Treasury (CST) and independently managed state facilities (SEGMA). Thus, the normal raw incomes stabilized at 171.3 billion dirhams, registering an increase of 20.4 percent, as a result of the increase in direct taxes by 26.9 percent, customs duties (23.4 percent) and indirect taxes (16.8 percent). percent), registration and stamp fees (15.1 percent), and non-tax revenue (12.9 percent).

For its part, the expenditures issued in the general budget amounted to 248.4 billion dirhams, an increase of 12.6 percent over their level at the end of July 2021, as a result of an increase in operating expenses by 14.5 percent and investment expenses by 19.5 percent. In parallel, the budgeted debt costs rose by 2.2 percent.

The increase in the budgeted debt costs is due to a 4.2 percent increase in principal repayment (29.9 billion dirhams, compared to 28.7 billion dirhams) and a 0.6 percent decrease in interest on debt (20.62 billion dirhams, compared to 20.62 billion dirhams). 75 billion dirhams). The Kingdom’s public treasury also highlighted that at the end of July 2022, expenditure commitments, including those that are not subject to the pre-commitment visa, amounted to 373.9 billion dirhams, which represents 54 percent as a total commitment rate, compared to a rate of 56 percent at the end of July. 2021.

On the basis of collected income and issued expenditures, a negative ordinary balance of 420 million dirhams was recorded at the end of July 2022, compared to a negative ordinary balance of 10.49 billion dirhams a year earlier. With regard to the income of the special accounts of the treasury, it amounted to 89.9 billion dirhams, taking into account the payments coming from joint investment expenses in the general budget of 19 billion dirhams, compared to 14.3 billion dirhams at the end of July 2021.

Issued expenses amounted to 59.9 billion dirhams, including the share of the special accounts of the treasury recovered, tax exemption and refunds amounting to 2.3 billion dirhams. The balance of all treasury accounts has reached 30 billion dirhams.

As for the revenues of the independently managed state utilities (SEGMA), the revenues from services decreased by 7.8% to 1.24 billion dirhams, compared to 1.34 billion dirhams at the end of July 2021. While expenditures amounted to 679 million dirhams, an increase of 0.1 percent.

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