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The government council approves the national coastal plan

The government council, meeting on Thursday, adopted draft decree no. 2.21.965 approving the National Coastal Plan.

Presented by the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, the draft decree completes the implementing texts for Law 81.12 relating to the coast, said government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas during a meeting. a press briefing after the government council.

The Coastal Law adopted a planning mechanism as a necessary tool to guarantee the integrated management of the coastline, obliging the administration, under the first paragraph of its article 11, to draw up a national plan which sets the guidelines and general objectives. to achieve and integrate the dimension of coastal protection in sectoral policies, on the basis of available scientific, socio-economic and environmental data and on the approach of integrated management which takes into consideration the coastal ecosystem and climate change, explained Baitas.

The National Coastal Plan also aims to protect, enhance and conserve the coastline. It also sets the appropriate indicators to be taken into account to ensure consistency between the investment programs, defines the means allowing harmonization between the development projects to be carried out on the coast, provides for the measures to be taken to prevent, combat and reduce pollution and coastal degradation and ensures consistency and complementarity between regional coastal schemes, he added.

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