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The Ministry of the Interior will modify the system of taxi approvals

The Ministry of the Interior is about to give a sweeping sweep to restore order in the taxi sector. In a circular addressed to the walis and governors, the ministry shows that it is high time to put an end to the exploitation of the business of approvals. Holders of several approvals will no longer have this right.

Individuals who hold several taxi licenses in their name will no longer be able to draw the financial windfall they represent. The Ministry would like to limit the number of certifications per person to one.

A series of measures is part of this circular addressed to the walis and governors, among them is a new standard which stipulates that the beneficiaries of the approvals will only be able to conclude a delegation contract with professional drivers, that is to say holders of trusted license and professional driver card.

Thus, contracts currently concluded with non-professional drivers cannot be renewed. In addition, the operators of the approvals will be obliged to declare the names of the drivers to the provincial authorities.

It also shows that following consultations, at central and local levels, with representatives of drivers and taxi operators, it was decided to establish standard contracts to regulate relations between the operator approval and the taxi driver.

The circular emphasizes that “operators are obliged to declare the names of drivers to the provincial authorities”.

Similarly, the holders of several approvals will have to incorporate if they want to continue to exploit them in number.

The department of Abdelouafi Laftit, has also thought of setting up a transition period so that drivers and operators can regularize their situation.

As for obtaining trust permits, this will have to meet new standards. From now on, the allocation of these permits will be based on the demand and the needs of the provinces. The ministry further explains that the training programs will be updated, and an information system for the management of taxi transport (SIGTT) will also be modified.

Finally, unused trust permits will be cancelled, and active professional taxi drivers will be identified via an automatic tally system.

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