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The number of students who fled to Slovakia is 8

Two new students from the group of young Moroccans who participated in a tournament in Slovakia also fled when they were to embark for the return to Morocco. Their number now stands at 8 out of 24 members of this group of students.

They were first 6 students to have fled to Slovakia last week, when they had to participate in a school cross-country tournament.

This time, two other members of this same delegation were influenced by their comrades and decided to flee instead of returning with their group to Morocco, indicated an official source consulted by MoroccoLatestNews.

The two students took the opportunity at the last moment to escape, instead of getting into the taxi that was to take them to the airport. Two supervisors of the group of minors went in search of the two students at the level of the station, but returned empty-handed, indicated the sources consulted.

The supervisors had to return to the hotel to make sure that the other members of the group of students were going to get to the airport on time and that he was not going to miss his flight.

Before these two minors, six others had fled last week, among them a girl. They were last seen leaving the hotel building in Bratislava, where they were staying with the executives of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports who accompanied them for the sports trip in as part of the World School Cross-Country Championship.

A ministry official had then estimated that their flight could have a link with illegal immigration. This case caused a wide controversy in Morocco where Internet users commented on this obsession of young people to immigrate illegally.

The tournament in which the Moroccan students participated saw the participation of 15 countries from different continents, and was organized in Bratislava, Slovakia, under the supervision of the International Federation of School Sport, from April 22 to 27.

Morocco participated with a school sports delegation made up of 24 runners and their teachers, after winning the national school championship in cross-country running, which took place in Beni Mellal and Safi.

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