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The Ukrainian diplomat urges Morocco’s withdrawal from neutrality

Senior Diplomatic Officer at the Ukrainian Embassy in Morocco, Igor Prikhodko described Ukrainian-Moroccan relations as “strong and stable friendly relations,” all while hoping “the Kingdom forgoes its position of neutrality” on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

In an exclusive interview with Hespress AR, Prikhodko assured that “there is permanent official contact between the two countries, especially between the Moroccan Foreign Minister and its Ukrainian counterpart.”

“We consider Morocco a key country within the map of our alliances in Africa,” said the current head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission to Morocco, adding that both parties “are trying to develop these relations at all levels.”

Regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and neighboring Russia, Prikhodko stated that “Russia is a global power, and militarily we can’t confront it on our own, so we need the support of our partners.”

“The faster we dwarf the Russian threat to international security, the longer we will maintain the stability of countries, especially with regard to food security and political stability,” said the diplomat.

Regarding Morocco’s position, which has remained neutral and condemned resorting to violence to solve differences, the Ukrainian diplomat said: “We are trying to understand the Kingdom’s position on the conflict, but we must get out of neutrality, there is a white color and a black one, and every country must choose, and Morocco too, must choose.”

“The Russian-Ukrainian war poses several challenges related to the food and political security of European and African countries, and all countries of the world,” he continued, echoing a largely felt fact among citizens of the world.

He pointed out that “despite the war in Ukraine, we are interested in developing economic, political and educational cooperation with Morocco, with which we have relations of friendship and partnership.”

Regarding Ukrainian higher education institutions, Prikhodko said that they are gradually resuming their activities, noting that depending on the security situation in each region, higher education institutions resume studies either remotely or mixed.

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