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Trade Minister Calls Export ‘Strategic’ Element for ‘Ambitious’ Industrial Businesses

Export can be a “strategic” element for any “ambitious” industrial enterprise whatever its size of activity sector, said Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mezzour on Wednesday in Casablanca.

These statements came in a pre-recorded speech delivered by the minister on the occasion of the signing of the first guarantee agreement under the European Union (EU) Trade and Competitiveness Program (TCP) dedicated to Moroccan exporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The opening of markets to our exports requires a competitiveness to any test and Morocco aims to become one of the most competitive industrial platforms decarbonized in the world, he continued.

In the wake of assisting and accompanying companies to strengthen their presence on the global market, Mezzour noted that his Department has established a task force dedicated to the export, having initiated its work by an assessment of the export potential available which would be in the order of MAD 120 billion including nearly MAD 11 billion on the continent.

These are opportunities to capture for the development of made in Morocco on the international market and would allow several companies to get out of the dichotomous logic: domestic market / international market, he said, sharing the ambition to bring the company regardless of its size or sector of activity to have ambitions on the global market.

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