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Tunisia: Morocco Partakes in 23rd Theatre Days of Carthage

The 23rd Theatre Days of Carthage (JTC) opened Saturday night in Tunis, with the participation of 23 countries, including Morocco.

Morocco participates in the official selection of this event by the play “Secret Gardens” of Mohamed El Hor.

The play by the company “Akoun” tells the story of a young girl who belongs to a wealthy family and modern. Her parents forced her to marry a man she did not know. She refuses this alliance because she had a love affair with another person, which caused a disagreement between the parents, resentment and deep grief for the girl, which pushed her to suicide.

Are in contention for the Tanit d’or of these days, alongside this play, the Tunisian plays “Emittance” by Taher Issa Ben Larbi and “Dark Side” by Nizar Saidi, “The eagle finds its wings” by Walid Omar Boubaker (Sudan), “Chams and Majd” by “Osama Ghannam” (Syria), “Antigone” by Okbaoui Sheikh (Algeria), “The Jewels” by William Sham Weteshe (DRC), “Bercail” by Arona Ba (Senegal), “Eizdan” by Mohannad Ali Hamid (Iraq), “Hamlet Inside Out” by Mazan Gharbaoui (Egypt), “Mine-terrestre” by Georges Ibrahim (Palestine) and “Knowing how to prepare a cocktail” by Jana Bou Matar (Lebanon). The jury of the official competition chaired by the Tunisian Leila Toubel is composed of Lina Abyadh (Lebanon), Youssef Al Hamdan (Bahrain), Falah Chaker (Iraq), Abdelwaheb Mabrouk (Tunisia) and José Mena Abrantes (Angola).

The program of JTC also presents 31 plays out of competition including 12 plays of world theater, 4 plays of amateur theater and 7 plays for children and 8 street performances.

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