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Upper House to Hold 3 Plenary Sessions to Vote on 2023 Finance Bill

The House of Advisors will hold, on Monday, three plenary sessions dedicated to the examination and vote on the Finance Bill 50.22 for the year 2023.

According to a statement from the legislative institution, the first session will be dedicated to the presentation of the report of the Finance, Planning and Economic Development Commission, as well as to the general discussion of the Bill and the response of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The second session will be devoted to the vote on the first part of the draft law, followed by the review of the second part of the draft by the Finance Committee, and the vote on the draft sectoral budgets by the Standing Committees.

The third session will be devoted mainly to the discussion of the draft sectoral budgets, the Government’s response, followed by the vote on the second part of the Finance Bill as well as the complete draft.

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