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Workhy Facilitates Global Business Expansion for Moroccan Entrepreneurs

Workhy, a visionary platform dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in establishing and managing companies worldwide, has announced its strategic expansion into the Moroccan market.

Aware of the exceptional potential of Moroccan entrepreneurs and the dynamic e-commerce industry in the country, Workhy aims to simplify the process of establishing and expanding Moroccan businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU), thanks to its cutting-edge online platform (www.workhy.com), according to a Workhy press release.

Positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, Morocco benefits from a flourishing export-oriented market and plays a pivotal role in international trade, notes the same source, adding that by exploiting this advantageous position, Workhy is committed to helping Moroccan entrepreneurs seize global opportunities, stimulate economic growth and contribute to the country’s development goals.

“We are delighted to enter the Moroccan market, which has proven to be a leading player in the e-commerce and digital marketing sectors,” said Kenan Açıkelli, co-founder and CEO of Workhy, quoted in the release.

He added: “Our recent visit to Morocco enabled us to establish important links within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, thus, reinforcing our commitment to fully support Moroccan entrepreneurs in their global career.”

Aware of the importance of meeting the diverse needs of Moroccan entrepreneurs, Workhy has diligently implemented localization strategies. Mastering the intricacies of Moroccan business culture, the platform offers dedicated support in Arabic and French, with plans underway to launch French and Arabic versions of its website.

These language adaptations will make it easier for Moroccan entrepreneurs to access Workhy’s full range of services, which include business set-up, accounting, tax declaration, online bank account opening, tax identification number applications (including EIN, ITIN, VAT, EORI and IOSS), trademark registration, registered agent services and legal address provision.

“Morocco’s prominence in global e-commerce rankings and the significant number of Moroccan entrepreneurs establishing businesses in the UK highlight the vast potential of the Moroccan entrepreneurial landscape,” stressed Açıkelli.

According to him, Workhy aims to empower Moroccan entrepreneurs by digitizing the complex processes involved in setting up and running businesses in the US, UK and EU.

Building on its success in assisting over a hundred entrepreneurs in South America and the Asia-Pacific region to set up businesses in the US and the UK, Workhy is ideally positioned to support the growth of the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The arrival of Moroccan companies with global reach promises to generate foreign currency flows and further strengthen the country’s strategic objectives.

Launched in 2022, Workhy is positioned as an unrivalled platform facilitating the establishment, management and growth of businesses via an integrated online portal. With an unwavering commitment to simplicity, efficiency and usability, the platform has facilitated the creation of over 20,000 businesses for entrepreneurs of 130 different nationalities.

As an exclusive partner of renowned global entities such as Payoneer, Wise, Mercury Bank, PayPal and Stripe, Workhy continues to expand its influence across continents. Backed by investments from international partners, Workhy remains dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs on a global scale.


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