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Younes Sekkouri: ‘Awrach’ Program Created Over 30K Jobs

Since its inception, the “Awrach” program has created more than 30,000 jobs in several regions of the Kingdom, the Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri said on Monday.

Speaking at the weekly session of oral questions at the House of Representatives, Sekkouri added that women make up 36% of the beneficiaries of this program.

The government has put in place a “courageous initiative” by launching this program, which aims to create some 250,000 jobs within two years, said the Minister, who was answering a question submitted by the Socialist group at the Lower House.

In response to another question on supporting SMEs, Sekkouri highlighted the interest of the government in these companies, which account for more than 94% of the national economic fabric and employ over 70% of the workforce.

The government has adopted an integrated approach based on three axes namely, investment in small businesses, the issue of illegal competition from the informal sector, and the issue of financing, the minister stated.

The official also noted that an integrated plan has been implemented as part of the support for the investment charter, adding that this plan will be supplemented by a special framework on the transactions for access to public commissions.

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