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2022-2026 Roadmap for Education System Reform, Strategic Project for Education Revival

The draft Roadmap for the reform of the national education system for the period 2022-2026 is a strategic project that aims to achieve a revival in education that will provide children with adequate conditions to complete their mandatory schooling and develop their skills and abilities, while ensuring the social support of the state and its partners, as part of a comprehensive approach.

This roadmap, which is part of the ongoing process of reform of the education system in Morocco, is based on two long-term strategic references, namely the Framework Law 17-51 and the new development model of the Kingdom, in addition to a medium-term strategic reference carried by the government’s program.

These different strategic references aim to achieve three objectives: making schooling mandatory, ensuring learning, and promoting openness, according to the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, who discussed on Monday Morocco’s roadmap for a good-quality public education at the MAP Forum.

These objectives include reducing by one third the dropout rate (over 300,000 children and youth leave school each year), improving the quality of learning at school by improving the rate of acquisition of basic skills by learners by up to two thirds, and ensuring that half the pupils benefit from parallel activities instead of one-quarter today, he explained.

The success of these strategic objectives depends on three conditions, namely the involvement of all stakeholders to carry out the change, their commitment to the participatory construction of the reform and good governance, and the mobilization of financial resources needed to support the reform, Benmoussa concluded.

MAP Forum is a space for debate on current political, economic, cultural and social issues. Government officials and personalities from various backgrounds as well as media representatives are invited.

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