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A new film comes to Moroccan cinemas with a fresh perspective on the dynamics of genres.

Directed by Hicham Regragui and starring Faycal Azizi, Green card is hitting Moroccan cinemas with a saucy rendition of gender politics inspired by Hollywood’s drag queens, as it follows the lives of two young Moroccans hoping to go where the grass is greener.

“Before filming the movie, I was inspired by Ru Paul’s drag race and the way the queens disguise themselves to win. When the director proposed the idea around the same time when I was watching the show so I said yes,” Azizi said, commenting on his double role in the movie.

“Playing both characters (men and women) was challenging, and I like to challenge myself,” he said. “I like to play roles where I can work my body language, voice and attitude, not only in an intellectual way,” he added.

The movie tells the story of two best friends, Labib and Habib (Faycal Azizi and Hashem Bastaoui) who both share the same dream of emigrating to the US.

Both friends applied for the Green Card lottery. Labib had the opportunity to be chosen, but Habib did not, prompting them to consider ways to emigrate together.

Labib thought to disguise his friend as a woman so that they can fulfill their American dream, turning their lives upside down.

“It is not the first time that an actor plays a women’s role. It was made several times before since the 70s in Hollywood,” Azizi specified.

According to the actor and singer, all of his artworks convey the same messages, “be yourself, push away the social pressure, and try to find your way out no matter how hard it is – and just go for it.”

Director Hicham Regragui told Hespress EN, “I had the idea for this script since 2000.”

“We started making the movie in 2019, and it was disrupted due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic,” he added, describing the conditions as “tough luck.”

“It took me 4 months to write the script, and 5 months to shoot the movie, because we had all the necessary equipment and support,” he specified.

“I am happy that movie theaters reopened, and that people can enjoy watching movies again,” the movie’s director added.

The director stated that he wanted to raise awareness about the emigration of young Moroccans as a means of bettering their lives.

“The movie aims to find a solution for the country’s youth Moroccans,” he said, adding, “youth are the future.”

The comedy movie is broadcasted starting May 18 in movie theaters nationwide.

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