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Akhannouch: The investment charter will create 550,000 jobs, and Morocco has become attractive to foreign investors

Aziz Akhannouch affirmed that the government he heads is able to achieve its commitment, which it included in its government programme, especially with regard to creating jobs and encouraging investment, noting that Morocco has become tempting foreign capital to invest in it.

Akhannouch, on the occasion of his one-year anniversary as prime minister, said in a media interview that the new investment charter that was recently approved in the House of Representatives, would alone create about 550,000 jobs over the next four years.

He stated that the state, through the financial positions that it creates annually, can provide about 250 thousand financial positions during its mandate period, at a rate of 50,000 financial positions per year, in addition to the jobs that can be created by the agricultural sector, traditional industry and tourism. .

The same speaker indicated that Morocco has become an investment attractive country, especially in the post-Covid era, which will enable it to attract foreign applications and provide job opportunities, in addition to being a preferred destination for a number of foreign investors due to its distinguished strategic location. .

Akhannouch stressed that the government he heads is focused on supporting domestic investment by encouraging investment in the rest of the kingdom’s cities, away from focusing on the Casablanca-Kenitra axis, by providing incentives to those wishing to invest.

He added that his government was able, during the first year, to release the investment charter, which had been waiting for 12 years, noting that Morocco has great attractiveness to attract investments, and the government is working on its investment.

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