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Are you hoping for a Saturn and Dreamcast Mini? SEGA has explored the idea, but they give more problems than Mega Drive

The Japanese company has presented the second version of 16 Bits, with a catalog that includes Mega CD titles.

Las mini consoles have become one collector’s item essential for many lovers of retro video games and in general, they are a hit of nostalgia for anyone who has grown up playing one of these machines. In 2019, SEGA did not miss the opportunity to enter this market and did so with its most iconic console, the SEGA Mega Drive.

The truth is they managed to do a great job, with very careful hardware and a selection of games that, despite some absences, reflected very well the incredible catalog that the 16 Bits harvested. Now, the hedgehog company has re-introduced a new classic hardware and he has repeated with Mega Drive, but this time he has done it with his second version.

But why a Mega Drive 2 instead of moving to another of the company’s consoles? In an interview with Famitsu shared by Nintendo Life, SEGA hardware producer Yosuke Okunari has explained how the pandemic influenced the decision. Okunari is aware that gamers ask for a Mini version of the Saturn and Dreamcastand has acknowledged that SEGA has explored the idea.

A Saturn Mini could have been extremely expensiveYosuke Okunari, productor de hardware de SEGA“The internal hardware of MD Mini cannot properly run Saturn gamesand both developing and manufacturing new chipsets during the pandemic is a difficult and expensive process“, explained Okunari, who confessed that if they had followed through with a Saturn Mini it could have been “extremely expensive“. The producer has joked that he would like to release a mini console that costs as much as a real modern console.

Regarding the release of Mega Drive Mini 2 in the West, Okunari is aware of the high demand outside of Japan, although for now, the production of this new classic console will be focused on the Japanese market. If you missed the first SEGA Mini console, in 3DJuegos you have available our Mega Drive Mini test, with its features, games, options and finishes.

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