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Automotive: Morocco as a bridgehead for Stellantis’ African strategy

Stellantis presented, on Tuesday 9, the progress of its strategic plan for the Africa and Middle East region. Opportunity to review the commercial and industrial ambitions of the automotive group on the African continent. In Morocco Stellantis plans to double its production capacity to 450,000 units, making the Kingdom the heart of its African strategy. In addition to Morocco, Stellantis will produce vehicles in three other African countries.

At the African level, Morocco remains at the heart of the group’s strategy. Indeed, after the inauguration of its Kenitra plant in June 2019, which made it possible to exceed the commitments defined in the industrial strategic agreement signed in 2015 between Stellantis and the Moroccan government, the manufacturer announced, at the end of 2022, an investment additional 300 million euros in the Kenitra plant to double its capacity and introduce the “smart car” platform. The objective is to produce 400,000 thermal vehicles and 50,000 electric cars (Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e) at this site.

The Kenitra plant has an exceptional integration rate of 69% obtained thanks to an automotive ecosystem reinforced by the establishment, near the production site, of subcontractors, suppliers and equipment manufacturers of the group.

The success obtained in Morocco by Stellantis has prompted the manufacturer to engage in industrial investments in other African countries, albeit on a smaller scale.

Outside Morocco, on February 23, framework agreements were signed between Stellantis and the Egyptian authorities for the establishment of a car factory in the country. The $35 million investment project will enable the production of electric cars by 2025.


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