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BAYER, WIMEN and the ZAKOURA Foundation sign a tripartite agreement to promote women’s entrepreneurship in the rural area

The Women International Management & Executive Network (WIMEN) announces the signing of a partnership agreement with the German Agro-pharmaceutical group BAYER. This project is carried out through a partnership with the Zakoura Foundation.

This tripartite agreement reinforces the commitment of the three entities to women entrepreneurship; Thus, today the signing of a partnership was announced with the goal of launching a program to support women entrepreneurship for the benefit of rural women in the province of Mohammedia – Morocco.

Thus, over a period of 12 months, the project will consist in setting up a support mechanism adapted to the different pre- and post-creation phases, by giving the ability to 100 women to boost entrepreneurship and finalize 40 projects with 50 girls and women from Mohammedia province.

In addition, “the project also aims to put in place an approach to support entrepreneurship, that ensures and guarantees security to women beneficiaries, certainly a level of quality of support delivered, through the professionalism of actors and their monitoring and evaluation. This experience in the province of Mohammedia thanks to our social partnership with the German Agro-pharmaceutical group Bayer and the support of a reference partner committed to entrepreneurial education for a long time, the Zakoura Foundation, the future success of this initiative. We are proud to be able to make our modest contribution to build a social and inclusive project that sustains Morocco of today and aspires tomorrow too,” announces Laila El Andaloussi, President of WIMEN, on the sidelines of the signing ceremony.

In this sense, Rajaa Kantaoui, Head of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainable Development at BAYER Africa says that “Social innovation is increasingly shaping entrepreneurship in the rural world and enabling Morocco to support its sustainable development challenges. Our company looks forward to supporting a community focused on social entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, diversity and social inclusion. In this sense, we wish to ensure our presence to the International Network of Women Leaders, our expertise in managing social projects and providing a financial support that materializes our sustainable development projects to which we are highly committed

For his part, Mohammed Zaari, Executive Director of the Zakoura Foundation, said: “The Zakoura Foundation confirms more than 10 years of experience in the creation of AGRS and entrepreneurial projects in rural and peri-urban areas. Thus, through this new partnership, the objective is to broaden and multiply efforts by implementing new projects in entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment, two strategic axes that are at the heart of the daily commitment of the Zakoura Foundation»

Following the signing ceremony of the tripartite agreement, several actors in the field of social and rural entrepreneurship, CSR and sustainable development took part in a round table discussion to discuss the “Women and rural life: what are the prospects for entrepreneurship?”

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