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Berkane: BCIJ arrests Daesh-affiliated extremist

The Central Bureau of Judicial Research (BCIJ) succeeded in arresting a person affiliated with the terrorist organization Daesh, active in the city of Berkane and suspected of involvement in the planning and preparation of terrorist projects threatening public order.

The suspect has been identified and his plans revealed, based on technical research and joint investigations with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a BCIJ statement said.

Preliminary information in the context of this investigation indicates that the person arrested managed and led a closed group on one of the social networks, adopting extremist objectives and projects, further notes the BCIJ, specifying that this group aims to recruit people steeped in takfirie ideology with the aim of carrying out terrorist operations against Moroccan and foreign interests and personalities on national territory.

“Research and investigations, continues the same source, also show that the suspect was in previous contact with the alleged emir of the terrorist cell dismantled on March 25, 2021 by security interests in Oujda and that he relied on his high technical training. in the field of engineering. to undermine automated data processing systems, hack and hack the information of certain vital targets, with the aim of obtaining financial resources for the logistical support of its projects, in accordance with the principle of making “halal” the spoils from operations terrorists (Istihlal)”.

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