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The government announces new

The government announced on Thursday that the case of Moroccan students in Ukraine has entered its second phase and that an announcement is imminent. The case of the students in Ukraine is still pending since their repatriation and their parents have just demonstrated for a solution.

While the parents of Moroccan medical and pharmacy students in Ukraine are worried about the future of their children, and demonstrated on Thursday for the executive to speed up the procedures for their integration into the Moroccan university system, the government has brought details of the situation.

“The government is following this file” said government spokesman Mustapha Baitas, during a press briefing after the government council.

He indicated that their file goes through several stages, the first of which was to carry out their census which concluded that it concerns nearly 7,000 students.

“At present, the government has several choices before it to integrate these students into study paths. Among them are national courses and others abroad with a number of partner countries including Hungary and Romania”explained Mustapha Baitas.

And to add that“there will be an announcement soon”regarding their case, while explaining that the executive has now moved on to the second stage, “the one where we receive the files and define the routes. At the beginning, we learned about the information and details, and what is expected of us. We have identified the number of students in each year, in each subject and course of study, between medicine, pharmacy and dentistry »he said.

On Thursday, the parents of students demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education to call on the guardianship to integrate their children as quickly as possible into Moroccan universities. They also express their disapproval of the idea of ​​their children taking exams to determine their ability to continue their studies in Morocco.

The students believe that the conditions for taking such an exam are not met, indicating in this regard that there is a language difference in the programs, but also a difference in the program between Ukraine and Morocco.

And while the Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Miraoui explained that this examination was necessary to maintain and guarantee the quality of education in Moroccan universities, the parents of the students believe that the universities in which their children have pursued their studies in Ukraine are internationally ranked higher than Moroccan universities and that it was the ministry that provided them with the names of the best Ukrainian universities.

Since their return, the medical and pharmacy students have been at the heart of a controversy. Their arrival in the middle of the year while studying different programs raised the question of their good integration within Moroccan universities.

Their number, nearly 7,000, is also a problem for the government, which must find a way to distribute them according to their level of study among the different faculties of the kingdom.

Their case has also caused reluctance within Moroccan society, particularly among medical students, some of whom refuse that their compatriots are automatically integrated, noting that they do not have the same level, and that they have had to face restrictions for their admission.

They believe that it would be too easy and unfair for their compatriots to be integrated when none of them had the admission threshold or had not passed the entrance exams after the BAC, to which others respond that the exceptional circumstances of the conflict in Ukraine must be taken into account and that they are not responsible for the situation.

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