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Closing of the Fifth Edition of the Educational Film Festival for Children of Summer Camps

Yesterday, Sunday in Casablanca, the activities of the fifth edition of the Educational Film Festival for children in summer camps, organized by the “Sourah for Cultural Heritage” association, under the slogan “Consolidating Children’s Cinema” were concluded.

The Sora Cultural Heritage Association highlighted in a statement that the festival was distinguished by organizing over a period of five days (from 10 to 14 August) a number of activities, workshops and various performances in the camps of Al-Alia (Mohammediya), Harhoura (Temara) and Maamoura (Sale), Ain Sebaa (Casablanca), in addition to the screening of the films participating in the competition, which competed for five prizes.

The statement added that during the closing ceremony, the results of the competition were announced by the jury headed by director and actor Idriss El Roukh, and included actress Mounia Lamkimel, writer and plastic artist Mostafa Ghazlani, actor Younes Benchkour, and Tunisian writer and scriptwriter Saad Benhsine.

In this context, the source adds, the jury praised the tight organization of the festival, which provided an opportunity for young audiences to discover the worlds of cinema and bring the concept of the image closer through direct interaction, whether with the films presented or through the festival’s many and varied activities.

She also praised the tremendous work and artistic and creative diligence of all the directors who presented their works in this session and were able to create a communication bridge with the young and young audiences who came to watch their films.

In this context, the film “The Last Wave” directed by Mostafa Fermaty from Morocco was crowned with the Grand Prix of the festival, due to its human dimension, its inspiring story, the aesthetic of the image and the lighting.

The jury award was returned for the film “Al Bread Alone” directed by Mohamed El Lohi from Morocco, and the award for the best child actor for the child Omar El Baz for the role of “Marwan” in the film “Al Bread Alone,” while the award for the best child actress was returned to the child Nour Ragab for her performance in the film “Radia. Directed by Shaima Tafesh from Egypt.

The audience award given to children and youth in the camps was also returned to the film “Yak Al Bahar” directed by Yassin Samih from Morocco.

The festival seeks to frame children and youth and provide them with the skills of watching and constructive discussion, in order to work on developing personal and group skills that are reflected in their school and life performance, and betting on making cinema and film an entrance that goes beyond entertainment to building life and enjoying its beauty.

It is noteworthy that the Sora Association for Cultural Heritage aims to achieve sustainable development in all fields. It also seeks to open up to universal cultures and human values ​​while preserving the Moroccan identity, paying attention to the human element, and advocating on issues of youth, childhood and women, with the aim of consolidating the values ​​of citizenship as well as contributing to Serious and continuous collective work.

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