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Monday, June 24, 2024

The Casablanca Stock Exchange opened its trading on Monday, on the upside.

The stock exchange benefited from the positive performance of its main index “MASI”, which includes all financial transactions of the type of shares, which advanced by 0.13 percent, to settle at 12.179.11 points.

In turn, the “MSI 20” index, which reflects the performance of 20 companies listed on the stock exchange, increased by 0.15 percent, moving to 988.25 points.

For its part, the Environmental, Social and Governance Reference Index “Casablanca ISG10” recorded an increase of 0.27% to settle at 912.63 points.

In terms of values, the strongest rises were recorded by “SNIP” (+3.05 percent to 845 dirhams), “mines” (+2.13 percent to 2,060 dirhams), and “Sunasid” (+1.44% to 776 dirhams).

On the other hand, the strongest declines were recorded by “Iqamat Dar Al Saada” (-2.45% to 25.06 dirhams), “Taqa Morocco” (-1.60% to 1.171 dirhams), and “Cosumar” (-0, 11%), and “Al Attijariwafa bank” (-0.02% to 446 dirhams).

The MASI index ended last Friday’s trading, with an increase of 0.66%.




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