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Costa Rica Supports Peaceful Solution to Sahara Issue Within the Framework of Kingdom’s Territorial Integrity

  Costa Rica’s president Rodrigo Chaves has affirmed that his country supports a peaceful solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue within the framework of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

In an interview granted to the Moroccan news channel M24 broadcast on Monday, the Costa Rican president said that “his country calls for a peaceful and diplomatic solution so that there is territorial integrity for all countries”.

Answering a question on the position adopted by Costa Rica on the Moroccan Sahara dispute, Rodrigo Chaves stressed: “we support peaceful solutions to conflicts that exist in the world (…). In the case of Morocco, we will not make an exception”.

The Costa Rican head of state stressed in this context that “Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has no army, no navy, no infantry, no air force and no special forces. We do not have a single warship, not a single tank and not a single military aircraft. Therefore, Costa Rica is a model country in terms of peaceful coexistence with our neighbors.


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