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Major Royal Gesture: Marhaba 2022 Returns in Force

The Marhaba reception operation, a major Royal gesture, is back in force this year with new facilitation and extension measures and will boost the summer season.

The arrival of Moroccans living abroad can only boost the tourist activity which is already promising with the resumption of maritime traffic between Morocco and Spain and the easing of access conditions to the national territory.

Thus, it is with joy that Moroccans of the diaspora flock to return to their motherland and spend their vacations surrounded by their family and friends, especially with the advent of the feast of Aid Al Adha during the month of July.

After two years of border closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Moroccans living abroad can take full advantage of Morocco’s assets as a tourist destination par excellence, starting with its climate, one of the best on the planet, its diversified natural resources (beaches, desert, mountains…), and a wide range of attractions and monuments to visit.

Spending vacations in Morocco means for Moroccans of the world to consolidate the strong and historical ties they have with their motherland and live an enriching tourist experience that satisfies all tastes, thanks to the diversity of activities offered: culture, relaxation or entertainment.

To make this initiative a success, which reflects the High and Benevolent Solicitude of His Majesty for the Moroccan community residing abroad, the Mohammed VI Foundation, in coordination with governmental stakeholders, authorities and other parties, is working hard to assist the Moroccan expatriates and accompany them in their return to Morocco.

In this wake, the Department of Transport works with all parties involved in the operation “Marhaba” to ensure a sufficient supply of maritime, air and international transport, in terms of diversification of routes and the number of trips, ensuring the support of transport companies and granting them the necessary permits.

In addition, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) has strengthened its flight program for the 2022 summer season, offering 6 million seats on 80 air routes across four continents.

RAM has restored flight routes that were closed during the health crisis and opened new routes, noting that this program will cover nearly 90% of the network covered by the national company in 2019.

Given the particularity of the travel of Moroccans in the world who prefer to travel with their families, a set of offers and facilities has been put in place to meet their request for a standard and sustainable product with a price very suitable for families living abroad, allowing a reduction of 20% of the overall price. In addition, this product has been supplemented by flexible measures during the stages of travel.

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