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Decarbonization: Marjane and Nareva Services launch a partnership

Marjane Hypermarkets is launching, in partnership with Nareva Services, a subsidiary of the Nareva group, a program to equip all of its sites with photovoltaic power stations and to supply renewable electricity as part of a strategy to decarbonize its activities.

After this first successful installation, Marjane and Nareva Services are paving the way for a strategic partnership to launch a program to equip all Marjane sites with photovoltaic solar power plants over the next three years.

This program aims to promote the transition to clean and sustainable energy in Marjane hypermarkets by using photovoltaic technology to produce green electricity and reduce its carbon footprint by 25% by the end of 2025.

For the needs of the Marjane Ménara hypermarket in Marrakech, as a pilot site, Nareva Services carried out the study, sizing and construction of a solar power plant to produce and supply photovoltaic renewable electricity. A pilot installation of 1152 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels with a nominal power of 540 Wp (Watt peak) and 9 inverters of 60 KV was carried out.

This pilot installation will enable the hypermarket to consume nearly 60% of its electricity needs during peak hours, which will prevent the emission of 747 tons of CO2, corresponding to approximately 184 Hectares of forest planted in one year.

In a first step and by the end of 2025, Nareva Services will support Marjane in the energy transition of 32 other stores in 10 cities, namely Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Mohammedia, El Jadida, Salé, Kénitra, Tétouan, Larache and Bouskoura. This will mark an important step in the transformation of the group’s energy model.

“Marjane intends, through this transition project, to significantly reduce its environmental impact, through the conversion of Marjane hypermarkets into ecological stores equipped with systems based on photovoltaic solar power plants. says Mr. Mhamed Chlyeh, Deputy CEO of Marjane. “We are convinced that this is not only an obligation towards our planet, but also towards our customers, collaborators and partners. We are delighted to be able to partner with Nareva Services to carry out this project. he adds.

“We are delighted with this partnership with Marjane. Nareva Services has designed and put into operation a photovoltaic solar power plant project that meets the most advanced technical and environmental requirements, allowing Marjane to reduce the carbon footprint and the energy bill considerably. says Mr. Norddine Moukhlisse, Deputy CEO of Nareva Services.

The ambitious program of equipping photovoltaic power plants is in addition to the many measures taken by Marjane as part of its sustainable development policy.

Among other initiatives, Marjane had initiated, in 2015, the switch to LED lighting and the installation of doors in the cold cabinets, i.e. the equivalent of 9 km of light paths 5 km of window doors and 9 km of light path allowing a reduction in energy consumption equivalent to that of 2 hypermarkets. From 2020, Marjane has more than halved its consumption of paper used for catalogs. The decision was made to continue on this path, which has already reduced the brand’s carbon footprint by the equivalent of 172 hectares of planted trees.


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