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Employment: Report on the “A chance to RESET” project of EFE-Morocco

The Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment, EFE-Morocco, has drawn up the annual report of its project “A chance to RESET”, this September 28, 2022. This is a project carried out in partnership with EFE-Morocco. Europe, with the support of SILATECH, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dell Technologies, Accenture and ANAPEC.

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of its project “A chance to RESET”, the Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment, EFE-Morocco, presented the annual report of the said project. It aims to promote the professional integration of young Moroccans through several initiatives, including the facilitation of training focused on the labor market, job matching, the organization of virtual and face-to-face job fairs or support entrepreneurial.

Since the launch of the “A chance to RESET” project in September 2021, EFE-Morocco has supported more than 6,000 young people, 55% of whom are women, through free training which has resulted in the integration of more than 1,900 researchers. employment in working life. “Our objective today is to maintain, or even increase, this rate over the next few years, which is achievable thanks to the solid and dynamic ecosystem that we have been able to create with our institutional partners, our employer partners, universities and different civil society actors,” said Amine Berrada Sounni, President of EFE-Morocco.

This year, the project saw the organization of several activities with high added value, such as the organization of a virtual recruitment fair and open days in several cities of the country, which made it possible to create a space for exchange and initiate meetings between candidates and potential recruiters in order to strengthen the employability of young people. EFE-Morocco has also inaugurated Hiring Kiosks in Casablanca which are added to those already installed in Kenitra and Rabat to connect more young people to the new job opportunities that surround them.

It should be noted that the project represents a step forward in supporting the professional retraining of job seekers towards jobs of the future, aiming to reconnect 22,500 job seekers to the labor market by 2025. This through training that make it possible to develop the technical, cognitive, linguistic and digital skills most in demand by companies in Morocco.

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