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Higher Education Ministry Announces Set of Measures to Integrate Students Returning from Ukraine into National Institutions

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation has announced a set of measures to ease the integration of students returning from Ukraine into national institutions of higher education.

In a statement, the Ministry announced for that a written test was prepared for students undergoing basic training in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, on Saturday, September 24.

The test will assess the level in which the student was enrolled in Ukraine for the academic year (2021-2022). Passing the test will entitle the student to enroll in the same level for the year (2022-2023).

Registration for these tests is open from September 3 to 16, 2022, in two phases: online registration via a platform set up for this purpose and submitting documents to the student’s university of choice.

During the first phase the student will be able to choose the institution in which he/she wishes to enroll and download related documents: Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences of Casablanca for Medicine, Abulcasis International University of Health Sciences of Rabat for Pharmacy and the International University of Rabat for Dentistry, explains the release.

The Medicine exam will be held at the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences in Casablanca, the Pharmacy exam will be taken at the Abulcasis International University of Health Sciences in Rabat and the Dentistry exam will take place at the International University of Rabat, the statement said, adding that the results will be announced on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

University Registration will be open from September 27 to September 30. Students will integrate universities by order of merit (grades obtained in the test) and a support system will be put in place for the admitted students admitted, the ministry added.

As for students undergoing specialization, the Ministry announces the possibility of carrying out internships in national hospital institutions for 6 renewable months, renewable if necessary, under the supervision of public faculties, provided that there is an agreement and coordination with the Ukrainian universities concerned to carry out these training courses to obtain the diplomas.

The applications of the people concerned should be submitted to one of the medical and pharmaceutical or dental faculties closest to the student’s place of residence.

For the engineering, architecture, veterinary and other fields, the modalities of access of the concerned students to the national institutions of higher education have been determined in coordination with the concerned ministerial departments.

The various tests will be scheduled during September 2022 and the ministry will work to inform those concerned of the various dates, concludes the statement.

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