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HM King Mohammed VI Has Preserved Kingdom’s Heritage, Opened Country to Modernity (Jack Lang)

“His Majesty King Mohammed VI is a great King in the sense that the Sovereign, since His accession to the Throne of His Glorious ancestors, has managed, at the same time, to preserve the heritage of the Kingdom, its history and traditions, and to open this beautiful country to modernity, economic development and cultural growth,” said Jack Lang, Director of the Arab World Institute in Paris.

“His Majesty the King has brought a new spirit, an impetus, a strength, a youthfulness, and a new ambition,” added Lang in an interview with M24, MAP’s 24-hour TV news channel.

For him, the work of the Sovereign is “considerable” and covers all subjects, including the deepening of democracy through the new Constitution. The work of His Majesty the King includes many successes, starting with a real “cultural revolution” across the Kingdom, through the restoration and promotion of heritage and the creation in particular of major museums, whose management is provided by the National Foundation of Museums (FNM), with Mehdi Qotbi at its helm,” he said.

As a man of culture, Lang expressed his great admiration for His Majesty King Mohammed VI. “The Sovereign shows a great passion for the arts (….) I am struck by His erudition, His admiration and by His openness to all forms of expression and arts,” said the academician.

Lang added that one of the strongest points of the Kingdom remains this Moroccan syncretism which is both the work of the history of Morocco, but also of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the way in which, the Sovereign has managed to intermingle in this country, cultures, religions and spiritual heritages.

“This spirit, clearly contained in the Moroccan Constitution, is translated into reality. The strongest example is the way in which Moroccan Judaism is anchored and valued as an integral, full and complete part of the history, culture, art and traditions of Morocco,” said Lang, recalling that there is no shortage of initiatives in this direction, including the creation of a Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Fez and the introduction of the history of Moroccan Judaism in school textbooks.

On the economic front, Lang highlighted the development that Morocco is experiencing as evidenced by the major achievements and flagship projects implemented from north to south of the Kingdom.

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