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Throne Speech Illustrates Interest of His Majesty the King in Family and Women Issues (Ethiopian Analyst)

The Speech addressed by HM King Mohammed VI to the Nation on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Throne Day illustrates the interest that the Sovereign grants to His faithful peope and particularly to the family and women issues, said the Ethiopian analyst Zidan Zahid.

“The Throne speech has highlighted several important issues headed by the interest of His Majesty the King in His loyal people and particularly in the family and women issues,” said Ethiopian analyst Zidan Zahid in a statement to MAP.

“We sincerely and forcefully advocate the content of the speech of His Majesty on the guarantee to the Moroccan women all opportunities,” said the Ethiopian analyst, highlighting the interest of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to improve the condition of Moroccan women.

“This is one of the rights of Moroccan women, whose strength makes the society as a whole strong,” added Zidan Zahid.

For him, unlike those who speak in favor of women’s rights and advocate gender equality without taking action in this direction, His Majesty King Mohammed VI is taking concrete action.

“A stronger presence of women is able to give a greater dynamic in the various instances, whether within political parties, schools or universities, ministries …” said the Ethiopian analyst.


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