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Implementation of Medical Coverage Generalization Proceeds Smoothly (Gov’t Chief)

The effective implementation of the medical coverage generalization project, launched on December 1st, is taking place under good conditions, the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, stressed on Thursday.

In a speech delivered at the beginning of the Government Council, Akhannouch said that the government has “succeeded in generalizing the medical coverage in accordance with the royal agenda,” noting that since December 1, four million Moroccan families are able to benefit from the services of the basic compulsory health insurance, while preserving the RAMED’s achievements.

He noted, in this sense, that the government “is closely monitoring, in coordination with the National Social Security Fund, the implementation on the ground of this project, which is proceeding smoothly,” noting that families can continue to benefit, after the state has paid their contributions to the Fund, from services provided by the public hospital with a direct charge of the state.

Similarly, these families are now able, he added, to obtain reimbursement of the cost of drugs and care in case of recourse to the private sector, according to the quotas and procedures in force, in the same way as employees of the public and private sectors.

He said that the government has worked throughout this year to develop a vision of comprehensive reform of the national health system, so that it can support the royal project for the generalization of social protection, noting that the government has managed, with the Parliament, in a short time and in a climate of understanding and cohesion, with a high sense of patriotism and tangible efficiency, to enact the framework law on the health system, immediately after its adoption in the Council of Ministers.

Akhannouch recalled that the Council of Government, which met last week, had examined the five bills of implementation of the framework law on the health system, which will allow the effective implementation of the reform of the health sector.

The Head of Government welcomed the succession of major sectoral reforms initiated this year by the government, including the National Plan for Accelerating the Transformation of the Ecosystem of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation by 2030, which the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation made a presentation.

This project, he stressed, has a strategic dimension and a purely practical character based on the conclusions of regional sessions of listening and consultation, as well as dialogue sessions between the government and the most representative unions of the sector.

At the beginning of the proceedings of the Council, the Head of Government welcomed the historic qualification of the national team for the World Cup’s quarterfinals, as the first Arab team and the fourth African country to reach this advanced stage of the competition, expressing his wish to see the continuation of the victories of the national team which raised the Moroccan flag high and showed to the world the strong communion of Moroccans and their mobilization behind HM King Mohammed VI.

He also paid tribute to the Moroccan public for its patriotic spirit, its mobilization and support, thanking once again, on behalf of all members of the government, the technical staff, leaders and executives of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation who backed the players of the national team in order to achieve this historic feat that makes all Moroccans proud.

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