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Marhaba 2023: The port of Al Hoceima receives more than 17,000 members of the Moroccan community residing abroad

Since the launch of Operation Marhaba 2023 until yesterday, Sunday, the port of Al Hoceima has received a total of 17,089 Moroccans residing abroad, on board 4,287 vehicles.

The director of the port of Al Hoceima, Adel El Bardi, confirmed, in a statement to MAP, that the port is witnessing great activity during the process of crossing the Moroccan community to the homeland for the summer vacation, highlighting that the transit movement witnessed growth this year compared to the same period last year, which recorded 15,772 passengers and 3,857 vehicles.

Adel El Bardi added that the Marhaba 2023 operation at the port of Al Hoceima is taking place “in good conditions” thanks to the great efforts made by all stakeholders, under the supervision of the National Ports Agency, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the rest of the intervening port authorities, which remain mobilized to enable Moroccans of the world to benefit from various services and facilitate their travel.

And after he indicated that the transit process is proceeding “smoothly”, he recorded that the passengers expressed their satisfaction with the good conditions of transit and the shortening of the time for completing administrative procedures, stamping passports and customs inspection, in addition to the social, medical and administrative services provided at the port level.

And he concluded that the port receives Moroccans residing in various European countries, especially the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and France on board flights that link Al Hoceima with some ports in southern Europe, stressing that the measures taken within Operation Marhaba will continue in full swing until September 15.

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