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Migration: Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain Receives Menina NWW Award

Morocco’s ambassador to Spain. Karima Benyaich received, on Tuesday at the Spanish Congress of Deputies in Madrid, the Menina NetWorkWoman-2023 “Almudena Grandes” Award from the Transnational Women’s Network, an international NGO working in the field of migration from a gender perspective.

The Menina NWW-2023 “Almudena Grandes” Award, which aims to recognize the professional careers of outstanding personalities for their commitment to equality and feminism, was awarded to Benyaich, in recognition of her personal and professional career as a diplomat, her special sensitivity to international migration and her defense of the rights of migrants and their families, says the NGO.

The award also recognizes her vocation for service and her capacity for work and leadership in the diplomatic field, as ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Spain, and pays tribute to her various abilities and values of human dignity.

“This award is a recognition of the measures and actions undertaken by Morocco under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI to promote the situation of women and the approach adopted by the Kingdom in the management of the migration issue,” said Benyaich in an address.

“Morocco is at the forefront of the region’s countries in protecting women’s rights, through the implementation of important legal and institutional reforms, including the family code, the law on nationality and the law on the civil service,” added the diplomat at the ceremony, which was attended by the Spanish Secretary of State for Migration, Isabel Castro.

Morocco’s New Development Model also includes several important measures, whose priority is to empower women and promote the inclusion and development of youth, she added, noting that the strengthening of resilience and participation of all Moroccans in the national development dynamic, through the promotion of gender equality and women’s situation, remains a priority of any government policy.

This firm and realistic political will makes the promotion of women’s rights the cornerstone of the building of a modern and participatory democratic Moroccan society, noted Benyaich.

This award is also a tribute to Morocco’s policy in managing migration flows based on a “humanistic, coherent and comprehensive approach, thanks to the enlightened vision of HM the King,” said the Moroccan ambassador to Spain.



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