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Morocco, Model of Coexistence and Tolerance between Religions (U.S. Diplomat)

Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt, the U.S. special envoy to monitor and combat Antisemitism, stressed, Thursday in Tangier, that Morocco is a model of coexistence and tolerance between religions.

Speaking at a meeting with students of the master’s degree “Guide to cities and tourist circuits” at the Higher International Institute of Tourism in Tangier (ISITT), Lipstadt said that Morocco is a country of tolerance and coexistence, and that the history of Jews in the Kingdom indicates that they were really part of Moroccan society.

The U.S. diplomat welcomed, in this regard, the efforts made by Morocco in the fight against antisemitism and prejudice as well as the special interest given by the Kingdom to this issue, noting that the Jewish component has always been part of the Moroccan identity and culture.

This visit, which is part of the project “DAKIRA”, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the association Mimouna, was an opportunity for Lipstadt to exchange with students of the Institute on issues related to the fight against antisemitism and hatred, coexistence, tolerance and respect for the other.

In this sense, Lipstadt stressed the importance of promoting interfaith and intercultural dialogue, through knowledge sharing and the fight against prejudice, noting that Morocco is a partner in the fight against antisemitism.

For his part, director of Hebrew studies at the Mimouna association, Abdou Ladinou, said that the visit of Lipstadt to ISITT is an opportunity to discuss with students several issues related to intercultural dialogue, interfaith coexistence, the anchoring of Jews in Moroccan society, and the fight against antisemitism and hatred.

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