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Nearly 8 Mln Pupils to Attend School in Current School Year

Nearly 8 million students joined Monday school benches in the primary, secondary college and secondary qualifying cycles for the current school year (2022-2023), according to the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports.

Thus, public schools have received a total of 6.9 million pupils, who will be supervised by more than 290,000 teachers spread over about 11,000 institutions, including 7,000 in rural areas, a statement from the ministry said.

The number of students in the first year of primary school in public reached 771,000.

Under the strategy to generalize preschool education, no less than 26,000 classes have been created in public primary schools, including 18,000 in rural areas, to accommodate nearly 525,000 children (+14%).

The ministry announced that 26,000 teachers have been mobilized for the success of this project, including 8,400 newly trained teachers under the partnership between the Ministry and the Moroccan Foundation for the Promotion of Preschool Education.

This school year will be marked by the generalization of canteen services provided by schools in delegated indirect service, notes the Ministry, which expects that the number of beneficiaries will reach 542,291 beneficiaries, i.e. a 4% increase.

Similarly, 54 new boarding schools have been created on the occasion of this new school year for a total of 1,033 boarding schools (+5.5%), the statement added. A total of 234,667 students (including 122,194 girls) benefit from boarding school services to continue their studies (+12%).

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