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Polish Media Call Royal Speech Roadmap to Boost Morocco’s development

The speech addressed by HM King Mohammed VI to the nation, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Throne Day, constitutes a roadmap to give a new socio-economic impetus to Morocco, underlines the Polish press.

The newspapers Polonia, Polski News and Mazowsze News have reprinted large excerpts from the Royal speech, emphasizing the vision of the Sovereign on the completion of development projects to build the Morocco of tomorrow.

The reform of the family law is at the center of HM the King’s concerns in view of the important role of women in the development and progress of the country, they specifically noted.

HM the King insists on the need to ensure the full participation of Moroccan women in all sectors, the aim being to strengthen social cohesion, the unity of the country and mobilize all the wills so that the Kingdom moves forward, writes the editorialist of the newspaper Polonia.

It welcomed the Moroccan economy’s resilience, despite an unstable environment marked by the persistent effects of the COVID-19 crisis and the impact of the major international events on the national and international economy.

Continuing in the same tone, Polski News notes that Morocco, under the impetus of HM the King, is working for a development that benefits all social categories, including the poorest, citing in this regard the unified social register considered the main mechanism for granting effective support.

This social project aims, among other things, the establishment of the foundations of health sovereignty for the benefit of citizens, adds the publication.

Regarding investments, the newspaper Mazowsze News notes that HM the King, aware of the important impact of international cooperation, called on the government to facilitate the mission of foreign investors who choose the Kingdom to develop their activities, by removing all administrative barriers that stand in the way of promoting investment.

The Polish media also indicated that the Sovereign aspires to the establishment of normal relations with neighboring Algerian, to get out of this situation marked by the closure of borders and the lack of bilateral economic cooperation, all barriers that prevent interaction and understanding between the two brotherly peoples.

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