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Spain sets new conditions for Moroccan workers to enter Ceuta and Melilla

After the agreement between the Moroccan and Spanish governments to open the borders in the occupied Ceuta and Melilla on the 31st of this month, Spain is moving to impose new conditions on Moroccan workers wishing to access the occupied areas, including having either a European passport, a European visa or a valid residence permit. .

The Spanish newspaper “El Espanol” reported the anger of Moroccan workers, whose closure of the crossings stopped their connection to their workplaces in the occupied gaps, and who were unable to renew their residency or work contracts, threatening to go out to protest coinciding with the day the crossings reopened, in the event that the Spanish authorities did not back down from their actions. its new terms.

In anticipation of the crisis, Spain proposed, through its Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlasca, to provide a limited visa for Moroccan workers wishing to enter the occupied areas, a visa that only reaches Ceuta and Melilla, the occupied.

Spain and Morocco agreed to reopen the crossings in the occupied enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, “in the coming days”, after they had been closed for two years, according to Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Alparis.

The latest development comes at a time when Morocco and Spain announced, a few days ago, the reopening of land and sea lines between the two countries, including occupied Ceuta and Melilla, as part of a detailed road map to rebuild relations between the two countries after a crisis that lasted nearly a year.

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