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the Ministry of Habous in permanent contact with the Saudi authorities on tariffs

The Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs is in permanent and daily contact with the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia about the basic and additional service packages planned for the Hajj 1443 H season, as well as their prices, the minister said on Tuesday. Ahmed Taofiq.

Responding to a central question on “the preparations for this year’s pilgrimage”, during the weekly session of oral questions in the House of Councillors, Ahmed Taoufiq said that the costs of Hajj and the recovery period will be announced as soon as it is determined. of these services and their prices, in accordance with the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Pilgrimage.

A commission under the ministry visited Saudi Arabia, where it held meetings with Saudi parties involved in the organization of the pilgrimage operation, in order to examine the novelties of the season, the minister recalled, indicating that the said commission has succeeded in concluding agreements in principle to provide accommodation and food for pilgrims to Mecca and Medina.

However, the Commission could not inquire about the tariffs for the basic and additional services, knowing that they have not yet been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, noted Ahmed Taoufiq.

In this regard, he recalled that the said commission had held its second meeting on May 10 to review all the measures taken since the first meeting, the arrangements made by the Saudi authorities in charge of the Hajj for this year, as well as the updates they introduced, including the requirement for pilgrims to be under the age of 65 and to have received two doses of the Covid vaccine.

With regard to the other arrangements undertaken by the Ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, to finalize the lists of citizens selected for the 2019 draw according to the conditions mentioned above, the Minister noted that these provisions concerned in particular coordination with the Ministry of the Interior and the delegations of Islamic Affairs in order to draw up the lists of persons accompanying pilgrims aged over 65 (spouse, parents and children ).

These people can choose to perform Hajj this season or postpone it for next season to accompany their loved ones, said Ahmed Taoufiq.

The Minister further added that the regional delegations of Islamic Affairs have been called upon to establish intensive mentoring programs for the benefit of the candidates for the pilgrimage and to update the sensitization campaigns according to the novelties of this season.

Due to the lack of time, the Royal Pilgrimage Commission recommended that the Ministry make public the Hajj fees upon receipt from the Saudi authorities of the rates for basic and additional services and determine the duration of recovery in five days, which will begin a week after the fee is announced, he continued, noting that May 31, 2022 is the deadline for those who wish to opt out of claiming reimbursement of Hajj fees.

The ministry will coordinate with the relevant authorities, including the ministries of interior and health, Royal Air Maroc and Saudi Arabian Airlines to expedite the necessary measures for the success of the Hajj season, the minister added. , noting that it is also a question of intervening with the administrations concerned to shorten the procedure for transferring the costs of the pilgrimage, given the approach of the deadline set by the Saudi authorities for the conclusion of contracts and the issuance of visas .

In line with the recommendation of the Royal Commission, the ministry will also ensure that Moroccan pilgrims are accommodated within the legal zone in Mina, and will guarantee those who fail to perform Hajj this season due to age or vaccination, their right to perform the pilgrimage in another season.

He will also take care to reduce the length of stay in Saudi Arabia, so that it does not exceed 25 days for pilgrims departing from Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, he concluded.

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