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Among the 287 projects… the Moroccan “Tadribcom” platform selected as one of the best projects in entrepreneurship


El mahjoub Dasaa

Among 287 projects, the Moroccan platform specialized in free and paid in-person training courses, “Tadribcom”, ( your training) was selected in the “Entrepreneurship Incubation” program by  The largest Arab center for entrepreneurship and startup incubation “Core Istanbul”.

The launch of the “Tadribcom.com” platform, led by professor  Hicham El-Fetouh, came within the framework of the great dynamism in the field of entrepreneurship in Morocco, and the encouragement of the kingdom  for young people to launch their own projects and startups.

The “Tadribcom” platform is the first Moroccan platform specialized in free and paid in-person training courses with the best trainers, experts and consultants. It was recently launched in Tangiers, on the sidelines of the first entrepreneurs’ forum organized in partnership with the international business incubator “Mobaderoon”.

The platform aims, as confirmed by the young Hisham Al-Fotouh, to promote the advancement of science and thought through the digitization of training through the provision of training solutions. An added value that contributes to the development of the training market

During the launching ceremony of this platform, the director of the platform, the young trainer Hisham Al-Fotouh, gave a detailed presentation about the platform, the reasons for its launch in Morocco, how to work with it, and the partnerships that were signed between the platforms, private universities in Turkey, the Libyan Ministry of Education, and other civil institutions in Morocco. He also touched on the opportunities and privileges that the training platform offers to trainers. And the trainers.

The “Training” platform is active in the field of preparing and designing content, led by a team specialized in marketing and sales, and it also provides accredited training certificates.

It should be noted that this forum, which was organized on the occasion of the launch of the platform, was moderated by both the trainer and Dr. Emad Mohamed, a professional in the field of coaching, identity building, training of trainers and managers, and the art of professional selling with an intervention on: “The bicycle model to increase sales”, and the trainer Mr. Samih Saedan who runs the business incubator (Mobaderoon ) which brings together more than 15,000 projects registered on the platform, which is Dr. Tariq Al-Suwaidan’s project for owners of small and medium enterprises, who gave a presentation on: “Leadership in Youth Work” via Zoom technology from Kuwait, and the trainer Hisham Al-Fotouh, director of the “Training Platform” and an online marketer with a master’s degree Business administration from Istanbul, residing in Turkey, who in turn made a presentation on: “How to market courses for male and female trainers”.

A group of trainers, interested people and media men from different cities of Morocco also participated in the first entrepreneurs’ forum. Distance learning techniques were adopted at the same time, as 200 people from nine countries attended via Zoom technology, in addition to the attendees who came to Tangiers to participate in the forum. And the launch of the platform, which numbered 60 people.

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