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Morocco ranked 46th globally in organizing business in 2022

El mahjoub Dasaa


Morocco ranked fifth regionally and 46th globally on the business regulation index, which is one of the indicators included in the report issued, the day before yesterday, Thursday, on economic freedom in the world in 2022 by the “Fraser Institute”, a well-known Canadian think tank specialized in public policy affairs.

The UAE is the first regionally in the “business regulation” index. The United Arab Emirates ranked 11th globally, followed by Qatar in 23rd place, Oman 34th, Bahrain 37th, Morocco 46th, Yemen 61st, Tunisia 64th, Saudi Arabia 65th, and Kuwait 94ths. Mauritania 128, Algeria 136, Egypt 140, Lebanon 146, Iraq 152, Syria 160, Libya 163, Syria 160.

Singapore retained first place on the index, with a score of 9.3 points, and Estonia retained second place with 8.7 points; Finland also retained third place with 8.6 points.

In a related context, the Kingdom also ranked first regionally and 101 globally on the “Freedom of Trade at the International Level” index, another sub-indicator in the report issued yesterday. In a third sub-index, which is “Legal System and Property Rights”, the Kingdom ranked 63 globally.

The business regulation index is concerned with the ease of regulations, the smoothness of official procedures, and the various administrative aspects related to the organization of businesses, companies and commercial projects in every country in the world. The index monitors the level of business regulation in each country in its high-end assessment of 10 points.

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