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Women’s Soccer Team of Laayoune Received at Brussels Parliament

Brussels – The women’s soccer team of the southern city of Laayoune was received, Tuesday, by president of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rachid Madrane.

During this ceremony, which took place in the presence of Moroccan ambassador to Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mohamed Ameur, Madrane praised the dynamism of the women’s sports team of the city of Laayoune which will play tonight against Racing White Daring Molenbeek (RWDM Girls), one of the major women’s soccer clubs in Belgium.

“In my previous position as Minister of Sports, I always had at heart to honor women’s sports. That is why I am particularly pleased to welcome the players of the professional soccer team of the city of Laayoune, Morocco,” said Madrane.

For his part, the Moroccan ambassador said that the participation of the women’s soccer team of the city of Laayoune in a friendly game with their Belgian counterparts testifies to the place occupied by Moroccan women, especially those from the southern provinces of the Kingdom, in society, their role and their dynamism in all sectors.

This participation, he added, is the most eloquent illustration of the level of development of the southern provinces of the Kingdom, equipped today with high-level sports infrastructure that can encourage the emergence of talent in various sports disciplines.

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